Come work for us!!

In this rough economy, it's hard to find a good job, even with a large corporation.  But, we want to put people to work.  We're looking for some sharp, professional sales people and computer technicians, and even those who can wear many hats if necessary. We want to be the best PC Solutions provider in the valley. 

We Pay Hourly:
  • $20/hr for residential
  • $35/hr for business

We Pay Referral and Sponsor Bonuses:
  • Referral bonuses of $2/$5/$10 for EVERY Co-Op Membership (paid annually or monthly depending on the membership referred)
  • Sponsor bonus of $25,000 for EVERY Co-Op member that completes Level 7, over and over.

Please fill out the below form, type in a brief description of your accomplishments (ie certifications, education, experience, etc.) in the space provided.  Upon receipt, you will receive an email requesting an actual resume.  We only want to work with the best so that we can provide the best service.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Please sign up for a FREE BitGold Gold Savings Account by clicking on the banner below and follow these steps to help us pay for marketing materials to expand our business to the valley.
  • Verify both email and mobile phone numbers
  • Deposit a minimum of $10 (you keep) withn 48 hours with a valid debit/credit card
  • Order your GoldMoney Gold-Backed Pre-Paid Debit MasterCard from your account area.

Apply Today!!

Are you willing to pass out flyers to help spread the word about our services to get calls? (This is a self-driven opportunity)

Are you wllling to help promote other products/services in connection with our PC Repair Service for more income streams?